Cruise Ships

Various Cruise Ships for both Active and Luxury Adventures. With each adventure style, the atmosphere is always casual, the service attentive, and the bridge is open. Once on board, the expectation is relaxtion, give into the beauty of the moment and leave the stresses of the world at home. The onboard Expedition and Legacy Leaders will guide yu, while the wildlife unleashes around you. Each style offerd a distinct focus, personality, and range of activites. And depending on which style you choose and which boat you’re on, the amenities and activities included may vary, but all are exceptional.

Active Adventures

Delivered from aboard the Wilderness expedition boats Wilderness Adventurer: Wilderness Discoverer: Wilderness Explorer, Active Adventures are for spirited, energetic explorers. The Wilderness boats are fitted out with an extensive assortment of equipment and amped up adventure. Focused on experiencing life on the outside rain or shine activities lik kayaking, standup paddle boarding (SUP), treks ashore, and explorations by infatable skiff top the agenda.

Luxury Adventures

Aboard the Safari yacht-style boats Safari Endeavour; Safari Explorer; Safari Quest, these Luxury Adventures provide curious travellers with an array of included amenities and services that allow you to escape. And depending on where you are, the adventure toys you need like kayaks, stand-up paddles boards (SUP), sailboats, snorkel gear, hiking poles, and rubber boats are always provided . Connecting with your enviornment happens naturally. Nature and encounters set the pace.